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Zephyrs Polishes Story

Zephyr was started almost 30 years ago in our garage with the idea of providing the very best metal finishing products to the Street Rod industry. Early on, we discovered that the Heavy Duty truck industry was growing at a phenomenal rate and there was a giant need for a high quality metal polish. While many products were available, none delivered the “mirror shine” truckers were searching for. To answer that need, Pro 40 “Perfection” Metal Polish was born, finally delivering the brilliant mirror shine and ease of use that truckers were searching for.

Zephyr has grown by word of mouth, first from the excellent quality of Pro 40 “Perfection” Metal Polish and then as we developed our own line of buffing wheels, metal polishing compound bars, and accessories. From one trucker to the next, to this day they helped fuel Zephyr’s growth based solely on each trucker’s loyalty to these high performance products. We have grown as our customer base and dealer network has grown, into the benchmark for custom polishing products in the heavy duty trucking industry today. Zephyr is now the leading, globally trusted, brand name not only in the Heavy Duty truck market, but also in the Vintage Trailer and RV, Marine, and Automotive markets

Our customers are family. We are grateful to each and every one of you. We have never lost sight of the fact that we have an obligation to all our loyal customers and dealers, to not only provide the very best metal finishing products available, but also to provide exemplary customer service that is second to none. Thank you to each and every one of you for your continued loyalty and business.

Zephyr is proud to provide the highest quality and largest selection of metal polishing and detailing products to the Heavy duty truck, lifted truck, trailer restoration industries and other markets. No one does it better than Zephyr.

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