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Signature Series Metal Polishing Compound Bars


Color: TR-2 Brown Tripoli - Primary Cut

 TR-2 Brown Tripoli Cutting Compound

Primary Cut, Heavy Cut  or  Cut & Color
Signature Series
Zephyr’s Tripoli Bar Compound is the industry standard for Primary Cutting
Use with one of our Primary Cut, Heavy Cut  or  Cut & Color Airway Buffing Wheels for great cutting action in different applications
For Iron, Steel, Aluminum and Stainless.


Moss Compound Secondary Cut Finish

Platinum Compound
This "Jeweler’s Rouge" was designed for secondary cut  or very fine finishing.
Use with the Secondary Cut, Finish Airways or Sewn White Cotton Muslin Wheels or Ultra Soft Flannel Wheels for deep lustre and sharp clarity.
For aluminum and stainless. 

Max Red Finish Compound

The new Max Red “Winter Blend” reformulated for that unmatched Show Quality Zshine.
Use with our all Cut & Color or Finish Airways, Cotton Buffing Wheels or our White Domet Flannel Wheels.
For aluminum and stainless.

Blue Moon Finish Compound

This high end "Jeweler’s Rouge"  can put a show quality shine to any polishing project you are working on.
Use with our all untreated airway buffing wheels, sewn white cotton muslin buffing wheels or our ultra soft flannel wheels.
For aluminum and stainless.



Customer Reviews

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adam grochocki
First time buyer

The buffs are great but the plastic plates for the buff wheels are dangerous. When buffing a tank the disk broke on me and piece went everywhere.

Zachary Rostetter (Cincinnati, US)
Zephyr Review

I'm not professional, but I've done enough polishing with zephyr products to go through 4 or 5 bars of the brown rogue. I've done a few sets a rims and a couple pontoons. The wheels have turned about immaculate and I'm very satisfied but I've struggled with the potoons. I seem to get an uneven product(the finish has horizontal white lines, as well and different things of white where there's slight overlap of sections I work). Everything comes out shiny with enough time but it doesn't seem to matter how slow and systematic I work the pontoons, they have lines no matter what.

Hi Zachary,
Wanted to let you know that when polishing flatwork you have a little less margin for error. Common issues that can happen are more typically on the coloring stage, and we recommend slowing down the RPM on the angle grinder between 1600-2400 RPM or so to see if the lines improve or worsen to your current process. If you have a fixed-speed angle grinder, you can try feathering the trigger, but may be better served with an adjustable speed grinder. The two things to vary would typically be the pressure applied as well as the RPM.
Lastly, you may find yourself needing to rake out the buffing wheel you're using more often on the coloring stage.

Michael Bracone (Columbus, US)
Very pleased

I’m very much an amateur and not arrogant enough to claim my results look professional but my wheels are the best I’ve ever made them look by far. New to the bars and wheels but love the results. Will be a repeat buyer for sure.

William Hesser (Milton, US)
Polishing an old Airstream

We have used polishing compound bars, and polishing wheels on our old airstream. They work great and the service from Zephyr is great.


Excellent for finish


Excellent for finish

abram deases (Corpus Christi, US)
stainless bbq grill

Polished my stainless steel pit right up!

Broc ocd polishing (Salt Lake City, US)

Good product if used properly

Kowaxle (Carson City, US)
#1 products

Zephyr is the way to go been polishing for a long time and these products are truly a game changer! Very easy to use and great results every time

Isreal Torres (Evansville, US)
Great products

If you want to get the job done! You must buy zephyr products hands down.....