Signature Series Metal Polishing Compound Bars

 TR-2 Brown Tripoli Cutting Compound

Primary Cut, Heavy Cut  or  Cut & Color
Signature Series
Zephyr’s Tripoli Bar Compound is the industry standard for Primary Cutting
Use with one of our Primary Cut, Heavy Cut  or  Cut & Color Airway Buffing Wheels for great cutting action in different applications
For Iron, Steel, Aluminum and Stainless.

Slate Compound Secondary Cut

This unique compound is designed for both cut and color.
Try this bar with one of Zephyr’s Secondary Cut  Airway Buffing Wheels or the Sewn Cotton Muslin Buffing Wheels for beautiful shine.
Stainless & Aluminum

White Lightning Finish Compound

This compound was designed for Stainless Steel
Platinum Series Rouge
This compound was designed for Stainless Steel
Use with our all Cotton Buffing wheels or the Flannel Wheels for a beautiful shine.


Moss Compound Secondary Cut Finish

Platinum Compound
This "Jeweler’s Rouge" was designed for secondary cut  or very fine finishing.
Use with the Secondary Cut, Finish Airways or Sewn White Cotton Muslin Wheels or Ultra Soft Flannel Wheels for deep lustre and sharp clarity.
For aluminum and stainless. 

Max Red Finish Compound

The new Max Red “Winter Blend” reformulated for that unmatched Show Quality Zshine.
Use with our all Cut & Color or Finish Airways, Cotton Buffing Wheels or our White Domet Flannel Wheels.
For aluminum and stainless.

Blue Moon Finish Compound

This high end "Jeweler’s Rouge"  can put a show quality shine to any polishing project you are working on.
Use with our all untreated airway buffing wheels, sewn white cotton muslin buffing wheels or our ultra soft flannel wheels.
For aluminum and stainless.