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Super Shine Polishing Kit


This kit has everything you need to bring out a brilliant mirror shine, using the same products professional polishers use in their shop every day to achieve a shine that will set you apart from the crowd. You can use this kit to polish fuel tanks, aluminum wheels, steps, exhaust pipes, diamond plate, tool boxes and other aluminum accessories on your vehicle. It’s the perfect way to give our proven Fast Cut Primary cut wheel and our new Super Shine & Smooth Cut Dual Density cloth wheels a try and polish like a pro.

Super Shine Kit contains:

  • 1 – 8″ Fast Cut  Primary Cut Airway Buffing Wheel
  • 1 – Primary Cutting Tripoli Compound (1lb. bar)
  • 1 - 8" Smooth Cut  Secondary Cut Airway Buffing Wheel
  • 1 – Secondary Cutting Green Compound (1lb bar.)
  • 1 - 8" Super Shine Final Finish Airway Buffing Wheel
  • 1 – Final Finish White Compound (
  • 1 – Pro 40 Perfection Metal Polish 16oz
  • 1 – Z Crème Cherry Wax 16oz
  • 1 – Airway Buff Safety Flange Set


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Marc Laurin (Winnipeg, CA)
Challenging process. Need better instructions in kit that explain Q&A

Hi, respectively I am having a lot of challenges trying to polish my aluminium boat. Bought this boat on an online auction sight unseen. Found out it was a boat used at an outpost lodge up north. It is a 2004 Lund and has an incredible amount of “dock rash”. Severe scratches, micro dents. I’ve started sanding with 80,100, 200,400 grit sandpaper and sander.
I ordered the kit thinking it would help with the finish on boat but this has not been the case. I am not sure but the rouge turns incredibly black and is getting into the pores in surface and very hard to clean. Using acetone to wipe off.
Trying to do research on this topic and this product has not been working as it thought it would.
I am not sure but perhaps this product is not meant for this application I am not sure.
Just sharing to let you know and hope you could provide some pointers in my process. I have not had a good result from this product but it may be as a result of my process. Not sure. Thanks for shipping it so promptly. Better detailed instructions would help.

Dan Rector (Borden-Carleton, CA)
A Great Kit

I've been polishing aluminum for a lot of years, mostly on motorcycles. A Friend asked me to do a custom fan shroud for a 66 Mustang he built. I started with the sanding and then on to my mops. I soon found out this required larger tools. I researched kits and bought the Super Shine Polishing Kit. This is amazing, once the sanding is done, if you have to, hit it with big orange and let it eat. What a quick way to polish, using the Pro 50 Eliminator between the different rouges really helps. I tried going to the Joker pad without using it first. Once the polish goes on at the end everything shines. Next week, my first time doing the wheels on a Friend's Freightliner. A couple of pics when I started and finished.
The shroud turned out like a mirror, unfortunately I'm unable to post/paste pictures to your page.

Ricky Bay

Super Shine Polishing Kit

Donald Stutes
Purchased the polishing kit

Excellent product line , worked as expected. Will be a repeat customer. I’m polishing the pontoons on my pontoon boat working great so far .

Adam Carter (Cheboygan, US)
Fleet care

Works great

STEVE SIMS (Leesburg, US)

I cannot make a comment on this yet. I had neck surgery on the 13th so give me a little time please. I will let you know ok.

Jerry Sample (Round Mountain, US)

Great kit! This was just the first stage, my wheels were in awful shape but turned out nice

Zach (Chicago, US)
Almost perfect kit

Well put together kit. One of my compound bars was broken when received still works. Would be a great kit if it came with the wheel rake as well. All in all will purchase again

Kaitlyn Vercammen (Bradenton, US)
Amazing product.

This is the second time I’ve bought this kit and I love it and how it makes my wheels turn out.

Jason Timberlake (Muncie, US)
Worked great

The polishing kit was exactly what I was looking for, and produced great results!