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Airway Buffing Wheels Signature Series


Size: 10"
Color: Rosy Red

Rosy Red Primary Cut for Heavier Oxidation

  • For heavier Primary Cut applications, the Rosy Red Signature Series airway buffing wheel allows for a more robust polishing process without moving to a dedicated heavy cut airway wheel.
  • Mill treated cloth for a rougher aluminum or stainless steel surface
  • 8" & 10" Diameter with a 5/8" Arbor
  • Suggested Compound: Brown Tripoli

Kwik Kut Primary Cut

  • Orange/Yellow Cloth Airway Buffing Wheel for Primary Cut applications
  • Mill treated cloth for aluminum & stainless steel
  • 8" & 10" diameter; 5/8″ arbor
  • Suggested Compound: Brown Tripoli

Smooth Kut Secondary Cut Joker

  • Secondary Cut & Color.
  • Hybrid Dual Density Cloth Purple/Green Cloth
  • Can be used for a primary cut on softer aluminum
  • Mill treated cloth for aluminum and stainless steel.
  • 8" & 10" diameter; 5/8″ arbor hole
  • Suggested compound: Moss Green

Show Shine Finish

  • For finishing, a Hybrid Dual Density Blue/White Untreated Cloth
  • Very high finish for deepest lustre
  • 8" & 10" diameter; 5/8” arbor hole
  • For aluminum and stainless steel
  • Suggested compound: Blue Moon or Max Red

White Bleach Combed Cotton Airway

  • Soft Combed Cotton Material
  • For Coloring & Ultra High Final Finish
  • 24-Ply
  • 5/8” arbor hole – 10″ wheel
  • For aluminum & stainless steel
  • Suggested compound: Moss Green, Blue Moon or Max Red

    White Domet Flannel Finish

    • Softest Cotton Flannel Cloth
    • Very high finish for deepest lustre and clarity
    • 8" & 10" diameter; 5/8” arbor hole
    • For aluminum and stainless steel
    • Suggested compound: Blue Moon or Max Red

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews
      Jose Pinedo (Denver, US)
      Rosy Red Buff best Cutting Wheel!!

      Love how easy it cuts more than the kwikcut wheel!

      Signature series polishing kit

      I'm new to the polishing game! I purchased the signature series polishing kit and polished my rigs tanks with a 3500 rmp dewalt . I was happy with the result but as I continue to work with the products, I'll purchase other wheels and compounds and see the difference I see and further review . But so far I'm a happy customer !

      Mike petersak (Danville, US)
      Polishing wheel

      Was not impressed. It did not bring up a good shine for me. Had older wheels that were orange and blue… They did a much better job. Now I am stuck with all three of them. Would like to have different wheels.

      j.l. (Dayton, US)
      Excellent products

      Ive tried other wheels but nothing works quite the same as zephyr. Love the brown and green and the blue moon

      Jerry Benitez (Chicago, US)
      Exelent Shine

      Awesome Product, love the results that I obtain the price is absolutely good m siriesly thinking about switching brand.

      Clarence Robertson
      Highly recommended great services


      Matthew Dinunzio (Oxford, US)

      Great product, did not disappoint

      William Barnes (Hemet, US)
      Mirrored pontoons

      Purchased the kit to polish out the pontoons on my boat. Results were outstanding. Purchased the 8” wheel for access in some of the tighter areas.

      Reese Hardy (Atlanta, US)

      love zephyr airways especially paired with the safety flanges

      Steven Garcia (Grand Prairie, US)

      good and process