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Aluminum Centering Flanges - Signature Series


Buff Style: For Centerless Buffs

We offer our flanges in a style compatible with our one piece new hub assembly (a combined center and clinch ring design) as well as a design for true centerless buffing wheels (has clinch ring only).

Zephyr Re-Introduces our Original Centering Flanges…….created back in the 90’s. now available again.

If you do a lot of polishing and/or you prefer to run your airways centerless, this is the set up for you.

Thread on design holds your airways securely and lost nuts to worry about.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Giovanni (Sanford, US)
Best Flanges

These flanges work perfect, definitely recommend these..they will most certainly center any airways..

jordan peters (Henrico, US)
Zephyr products

IV been using your products for a while now and I am very happy with everything. Your aluminum flanges are a must when polishing it makes it very easy to switch wheels fast and keeps your wheels running balanced alot better than the plastic flanges. I can't say enough about your products everything I have used is a quality product and I will continue to use your products in the future. Zephyr custom service is the best I have ever dealt with and #1 is that you guys are here in America. Thank you for a great company. Sincerely, Jordan Peters, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Doug (Greenbrier, US)
Centered means centered....

I like mine so well, I am ordering another set right now.

Rylan Cooper (Anamosa, US)

A lot stronger than the plastic safety flanges