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Buffing Wheel Rake


The buffing wheel rake is an essential tool for the polishing process. Keeps your buffing wheels free of excess compound buildup.

The buffing wheel rake is an essential buffing tool for achieving a flawless mirror shine.

It is imperative to keep your airway and cotton sewn buffing wheels clean and clear of excess compound build up. A buffing wheel rake is used to clean up and "refurbish" the edge of an airway or cotton sewn buffing wheel on a hand held angle grinder, or on a bench or pedestal buffer. When too much metal polishing compound is allowed to build up on a buffing wheel it can harden, burn onto the edge of the buff and turn the color of the metal you are buffing. As the compound builds between the layers of cloth, it can cause smearing and other unwanted issues, and will also hold metal and other contaminants which can produce scratching. This reduces the efficiency of the airway or cotton sewn buffing wheel, and the rake is used to remove this compound build up. If you notice a significant decrease in the residual aluminum dust build up on the metal surface while buffing, rake the buff and apply a small amount of compound to the buffing wheel and continue.

******Please exercise caution when using the buffing wheel rake*******

The buffing wheel should be spinning at it’s normal speed when using the rake. We recommend using your feet to hold the rake to the ground and holding the angle-grinder to the rake to remove compound and soften the edges. When held up to a stationary bench or pedestal buffer, the rake should be held securely while cleaning the buffing wheel.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Hansen (Houston, US)
Awesome products

Just to test the products out, I polished my pontoon boat, worked amazing!

Ryan Palmer (Grantsville, US)
Must have

Cleans wheels every time

Allan Rodolfo (Irvine, US)
Home polishing

All the products I’ve purchased so far are premium! Love the shine I’m able to achieve. I’ve recommended this brand to friends already.

Sean Decker (Cincinnati, US)
One of the best pad cleaning tools on the market

One of the best pad cleaning tools

Patrick Lobato (Las Vegas, US)

Best on the market

Daniel Chavez (Austin, US)
Products Review

Works amazing best product I’ve ever had to use on wheels and never fails to surprise me

Skylar Mcnac (Pensacola, US)
Bees knees

A clean wheel is a happy wheel, this rake gets the job done better than anything. & if your not cleaning your wheel then what are you doing ?

Anthony Abellira (Pearl City, US)
Buffing Wheel Rake

The professionals at Zephyr highly recommend using a quality buffing wheel rake so I ordered the rake that Zephyr offers. Upon receiving my kit and analyzing the buffing wheel rake I noticed the outstanding quality of its construction and the ability to use left hand or right hand while raking the buffing wheel. Zephyr highly recommends using the rake while buffing to achieve the qualityThat I achieved while polishing my alcohol rooms I would not use any other buffing wheel rake due to the importance of its quality and strength while in use.

alexandre hillers (Joliette, CA)

fast arrival and work well