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Ultra Shine Signature Series Polishing Kit


If you’re looking for a buffing kit that will deliver a Show Quality Shine, the Ultra Shine Kit is the perfect kit for you.

The Ultra Shine Polishing Kit is your "go to" kit for a show quality shine, every time. Tested and designed not only for today's High Performance Forged Wheel Industry and custom lifted pickup trucks, but a must for all aluminum tanks and wheels on Big Rig trucks, Airstream type trailers, and custom vehicles of all types. This kit has you covered with our premium Signature Series buffs and compounds designed by polishers for polishers, yet makes achieving a show quality shine simple for even inexperienced users.

Ultra Shine Kit Contains:

  • 1 - Signature Series 10" Kwik Kut Primary cut airway wheel # AWO5810KK
  • 1 - Signature Series Brown Tripoli compound #JRTRP
  • 1 - Signature Series 10"  "Joker" Smooth Kut Secondary Cut airway wheel #AWG5810SK
  • 1 - Signature Series  Moss Cut & Color compound #JRMOS
  • 1 - Signature Series 10"  White Domet Flannel airway wheel # AWW5810FL
  • 1 - Signature Series  Blue Moon coloring compound #JRBMN
  • 1 - Signature Series Pro 25 Easy Kut “Forged Wheel Formula” Metal Polish # 25016, formulated for forged aluminum, billet & chrome
  • 1 - 2” Tapered Goblet for those hard to reach places  #2TBSM
  • 1 - Set of Safety Flanges # SFPR58-4


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
David Bonenfant (Repentigny, CA)

Great product

Adrian Medina (Houston, US)
First time using zephyr product

I just recently bought my very first set of forged wheels and I know it was going to be expensive to paid someone to get them polished for me so I decided to buy this product and I was curious about it and decided to work on it and the results I got at then I am so amazed by the results I let y’all judge the picture

Jafo Watcher (Mooresville, US)
not used it yet

no review

Myles Ford (Louisville, US)
Best polishing kit out there !

Works wonders, couldn’t get a better result with any other products. They even got a step by step YouTube tutorial that’s can be very helpful. Will buy again and again however I would recommend getting the pro40 polish as well.

Jon M. (Washington, US)
Honestly disappointed

I used to be such a huge fan of your products and this is the second bottle of pro25 ive recieved that is a bottle of blue water. I dont know wether you thinned the formula or what but its trash. Pay for and proud to use zephyr, instead i recieved white knight walmart quality

Hello Jon,
We are sorry to hear of your disappointment with our Pro 25 Metal Polish and we do appreciate your comments.. I can assure you that our products are always manufactured to the highest quality standards. We ship out hundreds of thousands of our polishes every year, always with favorable results.
But in response to your comments, we have not changed any formulations to our Pro 25 so not sure what you mean by watery. Neither our Pro 25 which was introduced about 5 years ago nor our flagship Pro 40 Metal polish we have manufactured for over 30 years has had any formulation changes since they were originally manufactured. Obviously the product must be shaken well in order for the ingredients to mix properly, which should result in a light creamy solution but not heavy like a paste.
We would like to replace the product for you, Jon. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email directly to or call us, 800-763-8883 so we can get your contact information.

Jeremy Roop (Washington, US)

Great material

Mikl Cook (Jefferson City, US)

Doing my second Airstream polish, used another product with pads on the first one, Zephyr product’s especially the airway wheel are far superior and deliver superior results to the other methods to polish Airstreams.

Scott Wood (Redding, US)
25 year old aluminum boat

I have an older aluminum outboard that's a nice fishing boat, but has never seen the inside of a garage or any exterior maintenance. The boat is heavily oxidized with lots of pitting, and the ultra shine signature series polish kit is bringing it back to a near new appearance. I couldn't be happier with the Zephyr products, there are a few youtube video resources available from an authorized Zephyr Distributor that were really helpful for a novice polisher as myself. Looking forward to purchasing more Zephyr products.

Jose Cuebas (The Bronx, US)
Best stuff ever

My first time using this kit and it’s so simple too use directions made it super easy and explained everything u need too know on using what comes in the box .. if you are looking for superb results in your polishing this is it .. super happy with their product gave this lips life.. these aluminum lips polished up so well almost makes them look chrome

Chelsea M. (Tucson, US)
Works great on our Airstream

I bought this to polish our 1973 Airstream and it is FANTASTIC! Highly recommend!