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Pro 50 Eliminator Water Spot Remover


Size: 16 Ounce

A safe, non abrasive, non corrosive descaler that works to dissolve calcium, carbon, water spots, and remove oxidation with no damage to applied surface.

Pro-50 Eliminator easily removes stubborn water and mineral deposits from Gelcoat, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Glass, Chrome, and Fiberglass with no scrubbing.

Customer Reviews

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d.C. (Sacramento, US)
Pro 50

This stuff works amazing got turned on to it by another detailer. We did a motorhome 45’ and had some of the worst water spotting and it took care of it no problem at. This also works really well on door jambs for when people don’t clean them after car washes.

J.C. (Buffalo, US)
Awesome products

What a difference these products make, the clay bars and proper wheels are just what we needed. The photos are real, the tank was pretty beat up. Using the brown and green bars made easy work of getting them back to being respectful.

Clarence Robertson

Pro 50 Eliminator Water Spot Remover

Dukes knutson (Minneapolis, US)
Making mirrors

Bought a heavily dulled finished aluminum boat that had probably never been polished in the 38 years since it was made and it was a very dirty time consuming process (about 20 hrs.) But no it looks fanatastic

Samson keworkian (Washington, US)
Pro 50 eliminator & pro 25

These 2 products combined are the best in the market and only product used for my forged wheels

Thomas Kohinsky (Newburgh, US)

Amazing product

Michael Rowland (Belton, US)
Great stuff

Great for shower doors and anything else that sustains hard water spots.

Kent Watson (Hesperia, US)
Spot Remover

After trying several spot removers to use after pulling my boat out of the water I tried Zephyr. It was amazing. It did not dull the wax job on my bow and worked relatively fast, which is a plus when wiping down in the Havasu heat.

Darwin Bell (Bullhead City, US)
Did the job

I recently took the job on of polishing my pontoons. People warned me of the task of doing so. But I went ahead anyway. I purchased everything needed from Zephyr. In fact I may not have done it if not for them. And no, I am not being paid from them for saying so. But somebody in there company had the fore thought to make kits available for polishing. I was able to purchase the needed supplies and had a direction in which to go with. I thank them for that. I probably wouldn't have chose the right supplies. So, I finished the job at hand and took the boat out the first time. Water spots you wouldn't believe. But I didn't have any wax on them. So I purchased the pro 40 and pro 50 and problem was gone. You still live and learn. They have the products for job at hand. And they know the road ahead of you and have you covered. I have nothing but good to say about Zephyr. They have excellent products and they know there metals.

Braeden Holt (Atlanta, US)
Zephyr Pro 40

Best all purpose cleaner on the market! Just waiting on a sponsorship