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Airway Buff Safety Flange Set - Signature Series

SFPR 58-4


Our new innovative Rapid Thread design eliminates the need for a nut to secure the flanges to the spindle/arbor on your grinder or buffer. Thread them on and secure. These flanges are molded from High-Density Composite Nylon and Kevlar reinforced.

Lightweight, yet as strong as aluminum!

Rapid Thread Design screws directly on to 5/8" arbor. No more nuts or washers.

Lightweight, yet as strong as aluminum!

To be attached to each side of Zephyr Airway Buffs

For use with 8" and 10" airway wheels with 3" center plates, 5/8" arbor hole


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
C.R. (New London, US)
safety flanges

I have had the same problem of the threads stripping out... mine was caused when my wheel caught an edge and jerked the buffer. The only thing is the fins on the plates themselves, got a little close with mine fingers, thankfully I had the proper ppe on, otherwise i've wore them out even tho I run 3 buffers with different wheels on them for the process I use depending on what I am polishing,wheels,tanks,steps etc...Thank you to the staff at Zephyr.

Rick Moore (Redding, US)
New safety flange

After buying the new safety flanges for the airway buffing wheels I had an issue with the plastic threaded flange stripping out. After only a short time of use I would recommend the old style personally. Love all the zephyr products they work awesome for all your polishing needs!

Safety flanges

Nice that they are made out of a composite material so if you slip up and hit the surface your polishing it won’t put a massive scratch but at that same time you slip up, they are now junk, it will rip the threads right out of the flange and now they are useless, would be better if Threads were a different material.

J.L. (Garden Grove, US)
Plastic hole wears out

I have went through two sets of these and they end up rounding out the hole on the inside flange. Then creates vibration when running the pad. I ended up letting the smoke out of my cheaper angle grinder. Don't waste your time with the plastic safety flanges. Purchase the aluminum ones.

Ethan Hubbard (Elkton, US)

Airway Buff Safety Flange Set - Signature Series

Please let us know if we can help in any detail. Did you have any issues using the product, dissatisfied with the product itself, or perhaps had a service issue with your delivery?
Please feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at 800-763-8883 so we can make it right for you.

scott fitzel (Kaneohe, US)
almost good

Problematic and overly time consuming when its time to switch wheels on the grinder. Even when barely tightening to a safe-ish level they tighten in use. There are no holes in the face plate for the manufacturers two stud nut removing tool to assist. In using the two stud tool in the thin plastic grooves, the plastic face cracks. The product would be fine if I had 6 grinders. each with a permanent different color airway.

Hello Scott,

Thank you for your review of our safety flanges. Obviously we want to hear about experiences such as yours, not just the good points.
Unfortunately, your experience can happen when the flanges are over tightened when installing them because the spinning of the buffing wheel actually keeps them tight as you use them. When installing the safety flanges, once you feel the  threaded disc snug up, stop. Turn the buffing wheel a 1/4 -1/2  turn, you do not need to tighten them anymore.

Nevertheless we would like to send you a new set of flanges to replace the stripped one. Please send us your contact information so we can get them to you asap.

FYI, we have introduced a new 1 piece center hub assembly which does away with the old style center plate as well. The new hub is balanced and there is no center plate used and no vibration. You can see it on our website, Safety flanges are still recommended.

Feel free to give us a call as well to 800-763-8883.

Randy Sell (Inver Grove Heights, US)
Now an Extra

Bought a kit from Rane's Truck Parts. Haven't used it yet. But checked some of the stuff in the box. Thought I should really have the flange to be safe. Ordered one directly from Zepher. Then later actually took all of what was in the box out to put it in a travel bag for using it at work. Low and behold there was one in the kit. So now I have a spare for when that freak thing happens and I need another one. Can't wait to see what that freak thing will be. but I'm going to have a good laugh about it when it happens. My planning ahead will then pay off.

Joseph Schlupf (Burke, US)
Still learning

Bought all the components to polish Stainless parts. This system and polish is amazing what it will do. I’m a beginner with an expert friend helping me who highly recommended your products.

Buy the best that you can afford.

Because I am new to this type of polishing, I bought a kit. The kit had the safety flange set. Everyone who I spoke to about aluminium polishing, said to get the safety flanges. So I bought a second set. My next purchase will be the stainless steel safety flange set.

Dustin Isaacs (Vilas, US)

Works great