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Standard Airway Buffing Wheels


Size: 8"
Color: Yellow Mill Treated - Primary Cut

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G.C. (Valley Center, US)
Less vibration.

The new center makes the wheel much smoother. Also, purchase the 10" instead of the 8". You get the usable cloth area of multiple wheels for just a few bucks more. The Rosy Red was much better than the Yellow for heavily pitted areas where I didn't want to sand.

Randy Cacini (Menifee, US)
Toon time

Product speaks for itself. !!

Darryl Snow (Phenix City, US)
Great products for polishing my 61 Airstream

I have used the Airway buffing wheels for the past 3 years now and they do an excellent job.

g.t. (Easton, US)
Polishing the right way

I've been using zephyr products for years won't use anything else

T.E. (Tulsa, US)
Question for zephyr!

I’ve noticed when looking at the kits or most , that it doesn’t say what size the wheel/buffing pad is or what size grinder to use or a preferred grinder for the kit being bought for the beginner guy that would like to buy the best product on the market from what I have seen ! Do y’all offer a complete kit from the the wheels/buffing pads compound to the grinder , so that we as a consumer can buy and get started with out having to hunt down other stuff to get the job done?

Hello Taylor,

Thank you for your question regarding buffing wheel sizes in the kits and what type of grinder to use.
All the buffing kits on our webpage state in the product description what comes in the kit including buffing wheel diameters.
Our professional polisher 21 piece kit part # BUFF KIT 21 will definitely get you started with your polishing needs. We do not include a grinder in it. Grinders tend to be a personal choice as to what a user prefers in terms of brand. Whether you are a professional, a do it yourselfer and/or budget can also influence what grinder you purchase.
We recommend a variable speed name brand machine, 7”/9”, 5/8” -11 thread arbor, 0 - 3500 rpm for the average user. DeWalt or Makita are good examples. Bauer, which you can find at Harbor freight tools is a decent machine as well for the budget minded.
Some professionals will use a 6,000 rpm grinder for the cutting step. We do not recommend this machine for the inexperienced or average user because if you’re not experienced with this type of machine due to its torque and heaviness in operating it, don’t use it until you become more experienced with a slower speed machine.
Another consideration is it exceeds our maximum rpm rating for our airway buffing wheels.
We will look at possibly including on our website a reference to using a variable speed machine.
Please contact us at if you need further assistance Taylor.

Eugene Fogelson
You can’t go wrong with Zephyr

All Zephyr products are top quality, easy to use and make your polishing work much easier and faster. I also purchased the safety backer set that just screws directly to your polisher, unfortunately they broke my first use. Luckily I wasn’t hurt and no damage was done by the flying pieces of the screw on part of the safety plate. I’ve order two more sets to give them one more try, the are very convenient.

Stanley Francois (San Antonio, US)
standard airway buffing wheel

These wheels are softer and I can use them on my Aluminum wheels. The rapid thread safety flanges were too big for my polisher
can you send information for returning or exchanging items ?

Junior Junior
3rd time ordered will continue to order

Great products 3rd order will continue to use your products