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Buffer Adapter: 2" Extender for AIRWAY Buffing Wheels


*PLEASE NOTE: Your buffer or grinder must have a 5/8” – 11 arbor shaft to properly mount buffing wheels and flanges. The arbor shaft of the polisher must be at least 3/4″ in length, as it’s possible that the buffing wheel will contact the buffer itself, or you may not have enough thread to properly tighten the nut. If the shaft is less than 1” or you have doubts about length, we recommend purchasing the 2″ extender kit which has sufficient thread and moves the buffing wheel away from the polisher.

Our newly designed  2" Extender kit for AIRWAY buffing wheels fits our innovative new Safety Flange Kit (# SFPR58 4) with Rapid Thread design.

5/8" -11 female thread fits 5/8" - 11 arbor spindle. 5/8" - 11 male thread to fit 5/8" arbor hole on airway buffing wheels.

Customer Reviews

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Randy Sell (Saint Paul, US)
Missing with the order.

This item was missing with the rest of the order. They sent something else instead. I emailed Zephyr as soon as I could. Then had another one of 'those' weeks. Didn't get to my emails to find out anything about the mix up. But the correction was at my house before I could even check on what Zephyr was going to do. That's dang good service.

Ben Landers (Decatur, US)
Glad I Bought It!

Didn’t know I would need it but so glad I got it. Keeps the airway safely away from my hands while using.

Kevin Casteel (Seattle, US)

worked great.. I'll definitely but more

Max Garcia (Victorville, US)
Buffer Adapter

This buffer adapter did the trick for me. Fits perfectly to my grinder and polishing did I do. Got into those hard to get areas. Highly recommended!

Jeffrey Kastell (Staten Island, US)

Buffer Adapter: 2" Extender for AIRWAY Buffing Wheels

Anthony Abellira (Pearl City, US)
2" Extender for AIRWAY Buffing Wheels

Zephyr recommended the 2 inch extension due to the close proximity of the airway buffing wheels to various buffing machines. So I ordered the 2 inch extension and it clearly ads safety and maneuverability while buffing your metal projects. I am also planning on ordering the 6 inch extension which I believe will make polishing the inside are of my Alcoa rims A lot easier, I am very satisfied with the quality of the extension and I believe it is made in the USA.

Daniel Casselman (Bakersfield, US)
Absolutely a Must

This thing was exactly what I needed so I could use the 10” wheel. Works flawlessly and exactly the way you expect it to. A must buy

Jesse Reese

Buffer Adapter: 2" Extender for AIRWAY Buffing Wheels