My 3 year old VW. Only polished with Zephyr Z Creme cherry polish.


Mark Muscardini

I just thought you good folks at Zephyr would like to know that I use your product on our champion polished Cessna 180 that won outstanding in it’s class at Oshkosh Airventure 2015. Airventure is the largest fly-in in the world and it is no easy feat to win anything among fifteen thousand other aircraft. I have tried them all, Nuvite, Busch’s, Zep, you name it and I’ve tried it. Zephyr pro 40 by far is the best all in one polish. It cleans up the easiest and leaves no residue. I’ve attached a picture of our plane. I just polished it getting ready for Airventure 2016. I was using two cyclo orbital polishers with different pads and it only took me about five hours to give it a good once over shine. Thank you, Mark


Hey , great technical support from Zephyr , products performed outstandingly , super shine , everybody wants to know what tools and products I’m using ! This can be done by most anyone if advised on the step by step procedure . Respectfully Harold Cable , non professional , Lebanon Ohio !

Harold Cable

Just wanted to show you my cars with your WAX…!!!! Goes on easy and does an exceptional job… I AM HOOKED……


I’ve been using your products for the last year. I wish I would’ve tried them sooner! Thank you for bringing us products that are so easy to use. Thanks,
Brad Jaide

Brad Jaide

As for me…. I always use Zephyr products, Hey, I could shave with this thing.
Thanks, Joe McKinney

Joe McKinney
I have been using ZEPHYR products since I started Pickett Custom Trucks. ZEPHYR has been always used on my own trucks as well as all my customers’ trucks. Thanks for a great product.

Rod Pickett / Pickett Custom Trucks

Four years ago we discovered ZEPHYR PRO 40 metal polish, and were truly amazed at how well it worked.  Today ZEPHYR products are all we use on our equipment.  And, if we’re satisfied with the performance of ZEPHYR products you won’t be disappointed.

Clinton Milas / Bud Light Offshore Racing

Hi, this is Jon from Motor Power Equip, Billings, Montana, One of our parts gals shined up her old truck, thought I would share. We have been selling a lot of your products, people seem happy with it. Thanks,
Jon K.

Jon K. / Motor Power Equip

While claying a truck last week, I ran out of the lube spray that is used with this product. I grabbed your Pro 33 SPO-DEE-O-DEE to try to get the job done. To my surprise the Pro 33 SPO-DEE-O-DEE worked better then the product that is required by the manufacturing company. I am sold on using Pro 33 SPO-DEE-O-DEE when I am detailing with clay, and the cleanup is done while wipe up behind the clay. The pictures are of a 2006 truck with 100k on it. Thanks for a great product line. I also use Pro 33 SPO-DEE-O-DEE and pro39 on my Harley Davidson Ultra. The pro39 doesn’t leave the seat slippery like other products our there.

Thank again Randy S.

Randy S.

Hi, folks, I’m Floyd Kyes with F W Kyes Transportation out here in New York State. Earlier this year, I bought an old Chrysler out in California & flew out to drive it back home to NY. At that time, I stopped by your place in Rancho Cucamonga and met and bought a trunkload of your products. Over Memorial Day weekend, there was a BIG truck show at the New York State Fair grounds put on by the Right Coast Association, called the King of Trucks All Truck Supershow. To make a long story short, I WON with my 1950 Mack tractor and 1950 Fruehauf stainless steel van trailer! This vehicle was detailed using your Pro 40 metal polish, Cherry wax, & Spo-Dee-O-Dee. I’m a Happy Camper, and couldn’t have done it without your GREAT products. Keep up the good work!!

Thanks again for providing the BEST in vehicle care products;


I like the Zephyr line because it covers pretty much everything with 4 different products. The Pro-40 metal polish works really good on bare aluminum, and really does give the metal a chrome like shine. SPO-DEE-O-DEE Spray is one of those waterless wash/cleaners that you want to use to keep the bike clean. This works really good as long as your bike is not filthy dirty. Great for between washes. There is the Pro-39 Ultima Conditioner/Protectant. I really like this one because it is what we use on the footboards, it protects the rubber, helps hold the color, and cleans without being greasy or slick.
Lastly there is the Cherry Wax Z-Creme. This you can put on all finishes. It gives a nice depth to pained finishes in particular. As a photographer I use the cherry wax on a lot of subjects that I shoot because it gives me a look that is vibrant but does not produce a lot of surface glare.

Ron Boyd Cyclesmiths

My name is Jeff Holmes I live in Simi Valley, Ca. I learned about Zephyr Pro 40 When I took my Heavy Duty Tow truck to a Polishing shop in Montebello Ca, approx. 50 miles from my house. After they polished every thing that was aluminum, I used Zephyr Pro 40 to maintain the luster the polishing shop brought to my very flat aluminum. I also own a 07 Harley Road Glide, my bike has 30,000+ miles and is ALWAYS clean, but when my wife melted her boot on my pipe, the baked on rubber wouldn’t come off so I tried Zephyr Pro 40, and it easily took off the melted rubber and made my $1000.00 pipes look new again. Now in the past year I started buying and selling used drum sets, I buy cheap and sell cheap, The problem is the drums I buy need work and the chrome and Cymbals are usually in bad shape. I can’t afford to spend too much time (It can take between 10 and 20 hours to restore a bad kit) So I tried Zephyr Pro 40, and that product removes the worst rust you can imagine (as long as it’s not pitting) and makes the chrome hardware and stands look as good as new with minimal effort, and will make the worst cymbals look as good or better than new, I can do a 20″ cymbal in 10 minutes by hand. Up till’ now I have done 40+ drum sets and all by hand, but I just ordered the Z-Ball and Extender and a couple other Buff’s, I can’t wait to try them. Using Zephyr Pro 40 makes cleaning and polishing these drums kits FUN because the before and after is so dramatic.

Jeff Holmes

My tastes are simple…I like the best  ”

It seems I am using that statement more and more as I get along in life and everything advances so quickly around us. There’s nothing wrong with new technology but there is also nothing wrong when you go with a proven product that does the job so well. (The wife accused me of self-promotion here but I had Zephyr’s product line in mind when I wrote that.) Zephyr’s Pro-40 and Cherry Wax keep my Peterbilt car carrier looking it’s finest. And the Spo-Dee-O-Dee Quick Detail is the real deal when I need to do a quick wipe down out of the truck wash. My customers notice and so do my fellow highwaymen. Simple and effective with outstanding results…just like me…according to the wife, that is !

Thanks, Zephyr…and hope to catch ya’ll at the MATS in Louisville for some supplies.

Carl Stephens

I am writing this testimonial to thank you for making Zephyr Pro 40. I purchased this Featherlite aluminum horse trailer in 1990, so it is now 20 years old. We lived in Illinois at the time and this trailer was hauled many, many miles through all of the midwest. Including winters in the salt covered roads. We relocated to Florida 5 years ago, where we now live in an area of red clay roads and salt air. This trailer has never been garaged.

As you will see in the pictures this trailer was oxidzed to the point of being chalky white. We washed it regularly, but had never tackled polishing it and couldnt afford the high priced detail/body shops. I was researching “removing aluminum oxidation” online when I stumbled on your website.

I called and you explained everything to me and I ordered your Pro 50 and Pro 40. My husband and I then set to work doing a little here and there in the evenings and on weekends. We are older so it took us a long time, but was physically easy to do, and very easy on our budget!! As you can see the results are amazing!!!The trailer looks every bit as good as it did new.

We cant thank you enough,

Ed & Maureen Strahan

PS I will be calling you soon to talk about our 1993 motorhome, wait till you see those pictures!!!

Ed & Maureen Strahan

Here is the before and after I think this might be why I have so much work lined up. Thanks to your polish.

Charlie Kelly / CK Polishing

Here is a picture of the truck, I only use Spo-Dee-O-Dee and Pro 40 polish on it. I think it looks great. I can do the whole tractor with Spo-Dee-O-Dee in the one hour it takes me to unload, and on the second load I do all the polishing with the Pro 40. Like I said, I have never used anything that works as good as this stuff. I’ll send a picture of the bike and my wifes car in a couple days. I haven’t had a chance to do them again yet, and now that I have the Z Cream, haha I think I’m gonna be liking waxing my wifes car.. Mike

Mike Bub

I drive a gsxr that is all chrome. The only one to trust are these guys awesome products. Stand out like a real pro! Thank you very much!

Roger Thomas

I’ve been using your Pro40 polish for ten years on several motorcycles and vehicles–I would use nothing else but Pro40 on any metal. It gives a shine like no other polish with little effort. I feel like you guys have the best
products out there and I am looking forward to using other of your great products on my truck. Thank you very much!


The polish was easy to apply. It took a lot of elbow power since it hasn’t had a real polish job on it in years. It took more than just several coats. The scratch marks from the dog was also removed. I have always just added the stuff in the wash water.


Zephyr totally transformed this truck!!!

Dominick Soriano

I used the Pro40 Metal Polish on the bright work, Pro39 on the tires & vinyl interior surfaces and the `Z’ Crème polish on the paint work. Previously I used Mothers or Wicked products but Zephyr Products produced better results with less effort.

Shane Edmonds

We love your products! The Cherry Creme is the easiest product we have ever used on an RV. It is easy on and very easy off with fantastic results. Being full time RV’ers, we have people stop all the time and ask “what do you use to get that shine?” We have given your website to at least a dozen people and we know many of them have ordered. They have told us we need to sell your products we talk about it so much. Our 5th wheel is 42 feet long and we will get 2-plus waxes out of a 32 oz bottle of Cherry Creme. We remove black streaks easily and they don’t come back the next rain! Water beads up and disappears without spotting. Our gel coat finish is like a mirror. We use Spo-dee-o-dee to clean hand prints and grime between washes and storms. We love these products. We highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Janna and Pat Burnworth

My name is Rick Stewart and I own specialty polishing in Vernon B.C. Canada. I will only use Zephyr products on my personal and customer vehicles. We service the motorcycle, snowmobiles,  light and medium truck industry, hot rods and muscle cars. We even have done marine applications also. This is the best product that I have found for ease of use on the market, keep up the great work Zephyr.

Rick Stewart

I’ve have been an owner operator for fifteen years and have always made sure that my trucks reflect the pride that I have for my equipment and my profession. I bought my first bottle of ZEPHYRPro40 when I took delivery of my first NEW truck in 1997, I was told it was the easiest polish to use and would achieve the best results. I was not disappointed! Recently I was cleaning up around the shop and found the remnants of that first bottle; I also had a sample bottle from a competitor, and decided to test the old ZEPHYR against the competition. I was surprised that it took three applications of the other product to get the same deep luster that I got from the ten year old ZEPHYRPro40! I have no doubt that ZEPHYR products are the best on the market.

Tommy Roach

My Name Is Truett Novosad, I own “High Cotton” and was fortunate enough to meet you at Dallas this year and you were gracious enough to share some samples you had with me. I have used the Pro 40 and cherry wax for several years, and it works wonders on the paint and aluminum, but you gave me some of the new spray n wax and it works excellent, and is easy to use.  I am doing what I told you I would do and sending you some pictures of my truck. Thanks again, and thanks for making it easier to keep my truck looking sharp.

Truett Novosad

My name is Mike Salerno. I work for a trucking company that has 30 trucks in the fleet. I use Zephyr Pro 40 on my dump truck. The company I work for will haul anything that will go into a truck. We haul coal, limestone, cinders for the state road, salt, sand, dirt and many other things. My truck is put to the test and so are my wheels and my chrome. Zephyr Pro 40 and Pro 50 work very well at getting my truck back into top shape. I use the Pro 50 before I polish to open the pores of the metal. and then Pro 40 to polish. My chrome is put to the test everyday and as you can see it still shines thanks to Zephyr. Thanks Zephyr.

Mike Salerno / Nuzum Trucking

J&B Motorsports Nitro Funny Car team recently received the highest of compliments. A fellow competitor wanted to borrow whatever we use to keep the car body protected from the rigors of drag racing while maintaining a show car shine. We were happy and honored to share our Zephyr products. Our team “body guy” especially appreciates the ease of application and effectiveness of the products, whether on the transporter or the race car. Thanks, Zephyr for a great product line.

Jeff McGaffic / J&B Motorsports

I have been using Zephyr PRO 40 for years and I buy it for my drivers as it is always easy on/easy off with the least amount of towels and work. It works on stainless and chrome as well, leaving no streaks.

Dino Guadagni / Vice President, Western Dist Trans, Corp./USAC

I truly am satisfied with my ZEPHYR products that I purchased. I will continue to do so!
Thanks again!

Corey Lormand

We’ve been in the ‘parts & chrome’ business for over 20 years. When it comes to polishes and such, we’ve seen a lot of products come and go. But, ZEPHYR continues to be the leader in all around great polishes, metal buffing products and the full line of detailing supplies! They’ve done their homework-and their stuff WORKS! Whether you are a full time metal polisher, or a driver who takes pride in your rig……ZEPHYR has what you need to get the job done! We use ZEPHYR, and more importantly….Our customers love it!

Bryan Martin / The Boss-Chrome Shop Mafia

I was just introduced to your PRO 40 metal polish. I have to tell you I have tried every other product on the market and there is nothing compared to yours. I am exited to try out your cherry wax and will be ordering some here shortly.

Kent Bower / Bower Racing

Hey you drivers out there who like to polish their trucks with no effort! ZEPHYR PRO 40 Metal Polish is the one you’ve been looking for! My name is Stephane Gauthier from Plantagenet, Ontario, Canada. I started showing my company truck in 2003 but had more fun detailing it, so in 2006 I started a detailing business. I saw the boys at the Mid America Truck Show using ZEPHYR products and thought, if these guys use it here, its got to be good. I gave ZEPHYR products an honest test and they passed with flying colors. They are so easy, just rub it until it turns black, let it dry completely and easily buff to a brilliant shine.

I have a mobile detail store and I go to most Show and Shine events, I don’t sell anything that I don’t use and ZEPHYR PRO 40 Metal Polish is the only metal polish I sell. Thanks to you guys at ZEPHYR for making my job easy!

Stephane Gauthier
Your product is so awesome & so is your service. I will only use your product on my truck! Thanks for everything!
Robert Pike
Thank you for time and patience. I am extremely glad I have discovered your products. I commend you and the quality of your products and your prompt customer service. Attached are pictures of the rear underside of my car. I can’t wait to get the front redone with your products.
Scott McPherson
Gentlemen……..I recently purchased an Aluminum wheel polishing machine. The results of which has expanded our business in a new direction. We have used your product ZEPHYR Pro40 to add the finishing touch to our process with beautiful, like-new results. We will be ordering again, real soon.
Jim Sullivan / Gerrad Tire Co.
We own a small distillery in Idaho where we make hand-crafted spirits in custom-made copper pot stills.   There are four pot stills, two tall columns and copper pipe linking it all together.   It is an enormous amount of surface area that needs to be polished.   We have literally tried dozens of metal polishes and none of them compare to the ZEPHYR polish.   It is incredibly easy to use and makes our copper stills shine!
Jill Koenig / Koenig Distillery
I am a very satisfied user of your products, especially the metal polish.  My friend and detailer turned me on to this product.  I know he uses it exclusivelly for his business.  My wagon has won Best Chevelle two out of the last three years at Super Chevy, it has been featured in numerous magazines, last year 2005 Super Chevy Chevelle only issue, and to name another it was one of six wagons featured in Super Rod June 2005.  It also has won numerous concourse shows, Huntington Beach and at Fullerton the Muckenthaller.
Art Alvarez
I want to thank you and your team for developing such outstanding products!! I gave experimented with literally dozens and dozens of car waxes, cleaners and polishes, and I have found nothing that compares to Pro-40 Metal Polish or Z-Crème Cherry Wax. I use your products on my Corvette, BMWs, my award wining 32′ roadster, and I even use it on my high gloss black Yamaha Grand Piano! I have recommended your products to friends and family (which as you know can have less than positive consequences!) and all of them only use ZEPHYR products now ( I am happy to say that I still get invited to their parties!).
Glenn A.
For over the last year Joker Machine has been using ZEPHYR cleaners and waxes exclusively, from ZEPHYR Z-Crème Cherry Wax to Spray on Quick Detailer. We at Joker Machine find these products to be far superior in ease of use, finish and protection. Bottom line these products work!
Geoff Arnold / Joker Machine General Manager
I recently discovered your ZEPHYR pro 40 polish on Ebay and buying one to try I have now found myself being asked what I was using to get a brilliant clear shine on my alloy. I drive a Kenworth with lots of chrome and I like to keep it shinning, and now quite a few drivers are asking me if I can get it for them so I did. I used to swear by the purple polish, well that is until I found your product is a dream to use.
Paul Eggins
Hey, It’s kevin with Stretch Transport, I thought you would like this picture of my truck. I hope it comes through alright for you, and I just want to add that your product blows all others out of the water, from ease of use, to the finished shine.
Kevin Love / Stretch Transportation (President)